Contact the Mackay Tennis Association


Phone  0411 223 232

Open hours:

Monday  6-8pm

Tuesday  8.30am-12pm

Wednesday  6.30-10.30pm

Friday  9-11am

Tennis court hire

Available 7 days a week, 6am – 9pm (excluding fixture times)

To find out more, phone Vickie Hamilton on 0411 223 232.

Tennis fixtures

Regular fixtures run throughout the school term.

To join or find out more, contact Vickie Hamilton on 0411 223 232.

Tennis coaching

For all coaching bookings or details, contact coach Tina Kenniff of Tina’s Tennis Academy on 0438 786 471.

Managing committee

Mackay Tennis Association is run by a management committee that meets at the clubhouse on the last Tuesday of every month from 5.15-7pm.

Management members

Geoff O’Connor, President

Creagh Bagnall, Vice President

Joyce Wallace, Treasurer

Carl Ptolemy, Secretary

Joyce Wallace, Patron

Committee members

Gail Pratt

Luke Morse

Sue Kenniff

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All comments or suggestions are welcomed by the committee! It’s your club, what you have to say is important to us.

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